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This is the 23rd year for this clinic and it has been the starting point for hundreds of officials to launch their careers to be the best High School officials they can be and if they so desire, it will put them in a position to move into the College ranks. IT ALL STARTS HERE!!

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“The GLVC identification camp has tremendously helped my progression as a basketball official. The feedback, guidance, and level of play have helped me improve my play calling ability, handling of coaches, and overall officiating development. Would highly recommend the camp to anyone looking improve and become a better official”

Ft. Wayne Camp Attendees……

“My experience at Gerry’s camp was incredibly valuable!  As I embark on reaching goals that I have set for myself in my Officiating career and strive for moving through the College ranks, this camp provided me with the ultimate tools to do so.  The staff is top notch!  The discussions, lectures, and on floor instruction, has given me the confidence and knowledge to excel in my craft.”

Ft. Wayne Camp Attendees…..

“I attended GLVC camp in Fort Wayne this year (2017). Numerous referees recommended I attend this camp and it wasn’t oversold. The clinicians were top notch and I still talk to three of them on a regular basis. Everyone I met was willing to help and give feedback that wasn’t shallow, but real and effective. I will be attending this next camp season as well. This is one of the few hiring camps that really care about teaching, training, and developing referees as well as evaluating. This camp is worth the investment regardless if you get picked up on Gerry’s staff or not.”

Ft. Wayne Camp Attendees….

“Gerry Pollard and his staff put together a phenomenal camp experience.  The Ft. Wayne camp allows a camper to experience high-levels of play, play above the rim, immediate feedback and film sessions to study plays. The clinicians provide constructive feedback that allows campers to grow and reflect on their performances, thus, becoming better officials.”

Ft. Wayne Camp Attendees…

“In my experience as a young, up coming official, was that it was the best teaching camp I’ve ever attended. What I learned at the GLVC camp sincerely helped me at future camps that year, as well as made making me a better in-game official at the level I was at. It also allowed me to get a look at the Division II level in another league that I don’t think I would have received had I not honed my skills at your camp.”

Ft. Wayne Camp Attendees..

“The camp clinicians in Ft. Wayne were extremely informative, engaged in every game, and offered some of the best game management advice of any camp that I know.  The games are very competitive with some great athletes that can play above the rim.  The breakout sessions with several guest speakers are another great way to listen to best practices as well as getting answers to all of the questions you may have.  I highly recommend attending Gerry’s camp.”

Ft. Wayne Camp Attendees.

“I put off going to camp for several years and I wish I hadn’t. The GLVC identification camp in Ft. Wayne has made me a better official. The immediate feedback from experienced clinicians on the court is very beneficial and the breakout sessions have a lot of information that make you better, no matter what level you work. This camp gives you the chance to be evaluated and possibly work in several great leagues. I’m so glad I chose to come to this camp.”

Ft. Wayne Camp Attendee

“I have attended two of Gerry’s St.Louis camps. They are simply the most valuable and affordable camps I have attended in my career. You get lots of exposure, court time, and feedback I have attended the St. Louis Camp for the last three years. I would highly recommend it to any basketball official who takes officiating seriously and looks to improve their craft. I have left the camp each year, feeling more comfortable with my ability to referee more and more competitive basketball. The amount of 1 on 1 time that was spent with me was truly invaluable. We spent time discussing everything from the way I look on the court, my judgment on play calls, or how I can work to get better in and out of season; I have made some strong friendships from attending Gerry’s camp. The group discussions, film review, and different guest speakers are a useful look into what it takes to get to the highest levels of the officiating ladder. I have continued to move up and achieve the goals I set for myself regarding officiating and camps like Gerry’s St. Louis camp have been an integral part of my growth.”

St. Louis Attendee…..

“I receive a season’s worth of training in one weekend. With the staff’s leadership and instruction, I gain confidence in my officiating abilities. Whether it is my mechanics, my court presence, or honing my rapport with coaches and players, Gerry and staff push me to improve on every call. Gerry Pollard Officiating Clinics are a slam dunk!”

St. Louis Attendee….

“I attended the St Louis camp two years. I had only been an official for a couple of years and really didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t really looking to be a college official at the time, I just wanted to become a better all around official. Gerry’s camp was affordable and gave me that opportunity. I was given the opportunity to work with officials of all levels and be evaluated by several, successful veteran college officials. The speakers were great and allowed for time to answer questions.  I recommend attending one of Gerry’s camps, you won’t be disappointed.”

St. Louis Attendee…

“I did not know what to expect going to this camp.  I had only been to one other camp and for a young or inexperienced official they can be a little intimidating.  Gerry and his staff of officials are absolutely great.  They have an understanding of the level the officials are at and try to find things to make each and every person better.  I was never put in a position where I felt embarrassed or that it was not worth my time.  Any official trying to better their craft should attend this camp, and I promise they will take information away that will help them.”

St. Louis Clinc Attendee..

“Go to Gerry Pollards St. Louis camp with the expectation and goal of becoming a better official because that is what this camp will do. No matter how much experience you have there is always more to learn. I’ve been officiating 15 years and thought I knew just about everything there was to know until I went to camp. The clinicians at Gerry’s camp are so accomplished and informative that I realized quickly I had a lot more to learn. Not only are they great clinicians but seem to great people who want to help with your goals whatever they may be. There are no inflated egos amongst the clinician group which makes for a very comfortable learning environment. For those who are looking to get a glimpse into working at the college level the classroom discussion and film breakdown are extremely enlightening and beneficial. Whether it fitness, mechanics, professionalism, rule knowledge, preparation etc… this camp will cover it.”

St. Louis Clinic Attendee.

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